About Us

Edgewater’s History

The land that Edgewater occupies was farmland in the late 1800’s to early 19oo’s known as Edgewood Farms. A train line ran along the south side of the lake through the farmlands with a station on the other side of the bridge (what is currently Hwy. SS). The name of the station was Edgewood Station. In 1920, the Edgewood owners built what is our current building.

Hotel Edgewood was built in 1923 to be one of the original, and best, resorts in the Lake Country area for people traveling by train from Milwaukee to Pewaukee for vacations. It has survived thru Prohibition, two World Wars and countless ownership changes. All of us at Edgewater are looking forward to restoring this great property to the grandeur that it truly deserves. We want your time spent with us at Edgewater to be a truly enjoyable experience.

Meet Our Staff

Ana Taylor

Bernie Kook


Alex Wilson

Erik "Mars" Mahr

Executive Chef

 Sarah Mayden

Calvin Burg

Sous Chef

James Ko

James Ko

General Manager